Bearing in mind the best and highest quality service for our clients, we take great care so that our vehicles are always in perfect condition.

Whether it is a Taxi, Van, Minibus or Sedan, our fleet is upgraded regularly so that the vehicles are less than 5 years old, and are maintained meticulously with all the required services and checks to ensure your safe transfer.

All our vehicles are always clean inside and out. They are all fitted with leather seats, air conditioning, tinted windows, wifi, charging ports, bottled water etc. All our experienced drivers are fluent in the English language and are at your service to answer any queries you may have in regards to our city. We strive to provide you a service of the highest quality.

Our goal is that every trip you take with Transfer for You is a safe and pleasant experience.

*More photos of our fleet, and our trips and excursions can be found on our social media pages.